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Dedicated to Creating a Safer and Healthier World by Advancing the Science and Increasing the Impact of Toxicology.


Advancement in toxicological Research


Membership is open to all qualified professionals.

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membership is open to all qualified persons

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WASOT is directed by group of qualified professionals with passion for quality and excellence.

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advancement in toxicology in education

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Dedicated to Creating a Safer and Healthier World by Advancing the Science and Increasing the Impact of Toxicology.


The 7TH wasot International Conference 2018 was held at university of Abuja nigeria.theme:TOXICOLOGICAL CONCERNS IN DEVELOPING NATIONs! .

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High lights of the wasot conference 2018 held at university of Abuja Read more

We are committed to excellence!

Membership is open to all qualified professionals who are willing to share the society's objectives,. 

WASOT is directed by group of qualified professionals with passion for quality, excellence Dedicated to Creating a Safer and Healthier World by Advancing the Science and Increasing the Impact of Toxicology.

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 Acute Toxic Effects of Petroleum Refinery Effluents on Fingerlings of Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus and Clarias gariepinus Catfish

The Ekerekana creek in Okrika Local Government Area of Nigeria has served as the recipient water body for the discharge of refinery effluents over the years, the extent of chemical contaminant in the effluents has always been a cause of worry to the community. READ MORE

The ‘Cancer Villages’ in China: Toxicological Pathways And Susceptibility To Replication in Nigeria
The recent observation of the existence of ‘cancer villages’ in China appears a precise confirmation of the prediction of Rachel Carson over five decades ago; that ‘one in every four’ will develop cancer, a consequence of indiscriminate chemical application . The observation also appears an exquisite confirmation of recent reports that though the incidence of cancer is projected to increase globally, the developing nations will bear the brunt..........

 Toxicity Effects of Diesel on Plankton Cell Population and Diversity Using Algal Bloom Test at Different Time Intervals.

The effects of toxicant on plankton cell of cultured algal bloom in a bioassay test were investigated. The medium used for the cultivation of the Algal bloom was formulated using the following in g/l; KNO3 0.132, silicate 0.066, NaHPO4 0.066, EDTA 0.066. The medium was sterilized by autoclaving at 121°C for fifteen minutes and allowed to cool. 1ml of sea water was inoculated into the sterile medium. The conical flask was kept at room temperature, but exposed to sunlight READ MORE



Evaluating water quality: a case study of two fish hatcheries in distress
Some fish hatcheries situated at the Lekki stretch of Lagos State have recently experienced repeated production failures. Successful management of fish hatcheries to meet production goals assumes that the quality of the water used to fill the incubation and nursery tanks is consistently high. Analysis of water from two privately owned hatcheries located at Lakowe indicated water quality that is outside the acceptable range.........

Assessment of Human Health Hazard Due to Consumption of Trace Metal in Selected Sea Foods and Vegetables from Port Harcourt Markets, Rivers State, Nigeria.

 Sea foods and vegetables are important in human diet and are consumed at very high rate and by majority of the population in Port Harcourt. Sea foods and vegetables contaminated with excess trace metals can cause health problems for humans and the ecosystem. Estimated the daily intake of selected metals were used to assess the health related risks of consuming sea foods and vegetables sold in two Port Harcourt major markets..........


 Olusosun Landfill Leachate Induced Oxidative Stress in African Cat Fish, Clarias gariepinus.

An understanding of the toxicity of landfill leachate is crucial to know their potential effects upon human health and the ecosystems. In this study the effects of Olusosun landfill leachate (OLL) from Ojota in Lagos State, Nigeria on oxidative stress indices in African cat fish, Clarias gariepinus was investigated. Thirty Clarias gariepinus were equally divided into five groups. Control groups were exposed to fresh water and fish in the other groups were exposed to 10%, 20%, 40% and 60% OLL respectively for a period of seven days. Levels of malondialdehyde (index of lipid peroxidation), more

  All applicants for WASOT Membership must share the society's objectives, complete the membership application form, and meet the criteria in any of the membership categories. member is open to all qualified persons.
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Dr Thuppil Venkatesh

Dr Thuppil Venkatesh is currently The Director for the National Referral Centre for lead projects inIndia (NRCLPI) and National Chairman for the Indian Society for Lead Awareness and Research (InSLAR) and holding the chair of a Professor Emeritus at St John's Medical College Bangalore India.

Dr Venkatesh was one of the team member to introduce the unleaded gasoline in India during the March 2000. As the National Chairman of a task force committee to fix the lead content in decorative paints has provided inputs to the Government of India to fix the paint lead level below 90 ppm on a mandatory basis. Has been actively involved in third party certification program to the lead based industry in India. Dr Venkatesh has worked in the area of lead and other toxic heavy metals in cosmetics and traditional and folk medicine apart from creating much needed awareness amongst school teachers and students. Has organized over 30 National seminars and conferences on lead its impact on health which include the recently organized Lead Environment and Health an International conference which was presided over by Dr Lesley Onyon from WHO at All India Institute of Medical Sciences Jodhpur during 25 and 26 of October 2015


Wasot conference held at university of abuja nigeria on july 2018

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Country Representatives:

Burkina Faso: Dr Moustapha OUEDRAOGO.

Ghana: Pharm Cynthia Amaning Danquah

Senegal: Prof AMADOU DIOF

Sierra Leone: Dr Roonie William-Frazier

Republic of Benin: Prof Ambaliou Sanni

Note from the Editor-In-Chief

The desire to have a journal, which eventually was named Toxicology Digest, came after series of successful gatherings of the West African Society of Toxicology (WASOT).


Ebenezer O. Farombi, PhD, FRSC, ATS, FAS, FAAS
Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Toxicology


7TH international conference "taged" Toxicological concerns in Developing Nations

in conjunction with university of Abuja was a successful opne

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SOT —Dedicated to Creating a Safer and Healthier World by Advancing the Science and Increasing the Impact of Toxicology.